AI Startup Battle in Palma de Mallorca

PreSeries, the joint venture between Telefónica Open Future_ and BigML, has been invited to join the exclusive Global Tourism Innovation Summit taking place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on June 9. The event serves as the meeting point of top international professionals discussing topics such as Tourism Innovation / AI / IoT / VR / Smart Destinations / Hotels / OTA / Tour Operator / Airlines / Connectivity / Big Data / New Technologies / Machine Learning / Airports / Ports / Infrastructure / Smart Mobility / Smart Management & Solutions / Dynamic And Immersive / Video Wall Experiences / Digital Signage / Mobile / Apps. The summit is organized by Agora Next Telefónica Open Future_, the first global tourism innovation program from Telefónica, a strategic partner oriented towards companies and Entrepreneurs who aspire to become a global reference of Tourism 4.0. A large crowd of tourism experts and decision makers will witness the power of the PreSeries Machine Learning algorithms.

In our AI Startup Battles, our Artificial Intelligence is made available through a little device on stage. Our little VC-in-a-box, as we like to call it, will ask the contenders various questions and choose follow-up questions based on answers to previous ones. It will focus on questions that have the most predictive power in its own bias-free opinion. In the end, the winner will be the startup with the highest score.

Meet the contenders!

At this point, you may be wondering who will be competing in the battle, so let’s get to know the contenders!


Apartool is the bridge between apartment blocks and aparthotels, and tour operators. This intermediation project aims to give travel agencies the smartest way to offer a global service to all their clients. Apartools offers, through a platform, the first booking solution specialized in the booking of entire buildings for touristic purposes.


MallorcaWifi has been working for more than a decade in the implementation of a Wi-Fi network in Palma that allows citizens to connect at any time and at no cost. The project, which has been carried out jointly with the City of Palma, has allowed the simultaneous connection of up to ten million mobile devices in the last year.


Smartvel is a SaaS Supplier of Digital Destination Content. They have built a unique tool combining three types of content: Firstly, dynamic content like up-to-date travel agenda. Secondly, they bring together traditional destination content through geolocalization, including restaurants, points of interest, sights and attractions, etc. Thirdly, they allow clients to tailor and recommend their own geocoded layers of content to promote and cross-sell passes, places or events.

Travel Compositor

Travel Compositor‘s B2B platform enables the planning and booking of multi-product and multi-destination trips in one session and one single payment. They customized solutions for all travel industry players: hotels, OTAs, travel agencies, destination management companies, tour operators, and many more.

About PreSeries events and battles

PreSeries was born in March 2016 and officially started its journey of re-imagining early stage technology venture investing by taking an unorthodox, AI-driven approach showcased via the world premiere of Artificial Intelligence Startup Battle at the PAPIs Connect Conference in Valencia. Thanks to the continuation of AI Startup Battles in Barcelona, Boston, and Brazil, as well as our collaboration at WIRED London 2016, the startup community has a new-found appreciation of how Machine Learning can be utilized to better allocate venture capital.

Be sure to follow the upcoming PreSeries’ battles in 2017 as they will be announced on the BigML event’s page as well as on Among other venues, these will include the battles that we will present at PAPIs ‘17 and PAPIs Connect. For more details, please stay tuned by following us on: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. The countdown starts now!

Get your own VC-in-a-Box! (Voice Assistant)

If I ask you to name an important stakeholder that is often an overlooked key component of business operations, I’m sure “assistants” are not the first thing popping up in your mind. But if you look closely, regardless of their title, it’s hard to overstate their contribution to any company’s productivity by helping management staying focused on most important tasks.

As technology has advanced, the skill sets of assistants have continued to evolve to keep apace. The arrival of chatbots and better speech recognition is already drastically changing the landscape by allowing for the automation of many data intensive tasks. It is now possible for many to become their own globally-connected assistant, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a human assistant for such tasks that are better suited for software.

The latest advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition technology is slowly redefining our relationship to our electronic devices. Human-computer interactions are becoming more human-like and the promise of naturally conversing with your devices is just around the corner. The first wave of Voice Assistants lead by the Amazon Echo and its Alexa software appeared late 2014 and their adoption rate has shown no signs of slowing down. After conquering our homes, the battlefield has now moved to businesses as they aim to supercharge the productivity of workplace teams. Acting as task-oriented assistants, are fast becoming tomorrow’s colleagues-in-a-box.

With PreSeries we make it easy for anyone to predict the future of startups. But when fully concentrated in your work, opening the PreSeries Dashboard to get some insights can disrupt your workflow. Simply asking your question out loud, as you would with a colleague or an assistant, feels more natural and allows you to remain focused. Therefore, we built our own PreSeries for Alexa skill in order to bring startup intelligence to devices belonging to the Amazon Echo family. Main features are the scoring of startups in real-time and getting aggregate or detailed information about startups, technology areas, investors, patents, rounds of financing, and IPOs.

Once the skill is enabled, you can use your brand new VC-in-a-Box to discover all kinds of information regarding startups. Below is an example session.

You: “Alexa, ask PreSeries how many startups were founded in the US in 2016”

PreSeries: “The number of startups founded in the US in 2016 is 3857.”

You: “Alexa, ask PreSeries what is the highest scoring startup in the US in Education”

PreSeries: “The highest scoring startup in the category of education is AcmEd”

Check out our introduction video below!

Click here to add the skill to your Alexa powered device and don’t forget to check out our documentation for a complete overview of the questions you can ask your VC-in-a-box.

Calling Startups to Compete at the Sixth Edition of the AI Startup Battle at PAPIs Connect in São Paulo

PAPIs Connect 2017, Latin America’s 1st conference on real-world Machine Learning applications, is a series of localized events that run in between the annual PAPIs conference events, the International Conference on Predictive Applications and APIs. This year, PAPIs Connect goes to São Paulo, Brazil, on June 21-22, 2017, and will hold the Sixth Edition of our Artificial Intelligence Startup Battles.

The audience, mainly decision makers and developers interested in the latest technology to build real-world intelligent applications, will witness the power of PreSeries, a predictive application built on top of BigML’s Machine Learning platform that provides fact-based insights and many other investment and traction related metrics to help investors foresee which companies warrant a potential investment. PreSeries predictive models are trained with a diverse set of public and private data on more than 370,000 companies worldwide.

The sixth edition of the AI Startup Battle is powered by PreSeries, the joint venture between Telefónica Open Future_ and BigML.

Apply now! 

If your startup uses AI as a core enabler, this battle is your chance to participate in the 6th edition of PreSeries’ AI Startup Battle. The startups selected to compete will be able to pitch on stage, make connections at PAPIs Connect, and get unique exposure among a highly distinguished audience attending Latin America’s 1st conference on real-world Machine Learning applications. The winner of the battle will be taken into consideration by the Wayra Academy and has a chance to get invited to Telefónica Open Future’s acceleration initiatives and services that include: training, coaching, a global network of talent, as well as the opportunity to reach many Telefónica enterprises in Brazil and abroad.


Thursday, June 21, 2017 at 4:30 PM BRST.


Telefônica Auditorium:  R. Martiniano de Carvalho, 851 – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, 01321-001, Brazil.

Application Deadline?

To compete in the battle, please fill out this form before June 11, 2017, and send a short presentation about your company (up to 2 MB) to

For more information on previous AI Startup Battles we recommend that you visit the dedicated page including all the battles performed so far.

Spotlight Feature: Investor Rankings

Whether it’s keeping tabs on peer’s syndicates, strategies, portfolios, or raising fresh funds from investors; both investors and entrepreneurs need a simple yet powerful way to filter data about investing entities. If you’re an investor think of our Top Investors section as your go-to-feature to quantitatively compare yourself to the competition and quickly establish meaningful benchmarks.

If you’re an entrepreneur lucky enough to see some traction, you might be considering raising funds to support your growth. From seed to late stage, the time you need to allocate to look for funds will never stop to increase. The life of a startup is very demanding and time spent researching investors means less time spent on your product. We believe you should spend time talking to investors instead of searching for them in an ad-hoc manner, so we built the PreSeries Top Investor section with that in mind. It basically allows you to filter investors using your own criteria to help you focus on the ones most likely to invest in your startup.

PreSeries currently lists over 40k+ investors ranging from seed-focused VCs to corporate investors leaning towards late stage deals. In order to easily search among all the profiles in our database, we invite you to use the filter options available at the top. You can filter investors by name, by location (country and city), by development stage (concept, seed, product development, market development, and steady), by industry area (700+ to choose from), and investment period.

The default view of the Top Investors section offers quick insights on the investing entities ranked by total amount invested (just click on a column to change the ranking criteria). For every investor, you are able to see what some of the drivers behind their investment decisions are. We show the preferred country and city of investment along with the number of deals for each. You also have access to information about the preferred investment stage (i.e, concept, seed, product development, market development, or steady), and the main investment area including the corresponding number of deals. On the right hand side are the total number of companies, deals and amount invested by each entity. The last column shows the overall PreSeries score of each investor (from 0 to 100). This score represents the general performance of the investor, meaning if the Return On Investment over their entire portfolio was significant enough.

By choosing the histogram view, you can easily see the distribution of investments with the green bar representing the preferred country, city, stage, and area. Hovering your cursor over bars on the bar charts will give you additional information, as seen on the image above. To facilitate comparison among the investors listed on the page you can switch between relative or absolute values, and use the same or a different scale.

That’s it for Investor Search & Rankings. Make sure to check our other Spotlight Feature blogposts for a complete lowdown!

Spotlight Feature: Company Trends

When on the lookout for new investment opportunities, being able to identify trends is the first step on the road to uncover the next most promising industries and startups. With a growing number of early-stage companies keeping traditional markets saturated, we see competition intensifying and under-the-radar industry areas getting more attention than ever. Keeping tabs on numbers of investments, amounts invested, numbers of exits, and other relevant metrics from the startup world, is the foundation for a successful data-driven investment practice that knows when to deviate from the beaten path. The PreSeries Company Trends section is the perfect feature to future proof your investment strategy by understanding where to direct your attention to stay ahead of the pack.

Of course, not every trend matters to everyone. As a professional investor, you most likely follow an investment thesis, a strategy that helps you determine which companies to invest in. In PreSeries, the Company Trends feature aims to help you find trends that match your investment philosophy. As seen above, you can find trends for companies matching your desired criteria such as: status (Running, Acquired, Acqui-hired, IPO, Zombie, and Closed), location (Country and City), industry area (more than 700 to choose from), and date of foundation.

After applying the filters, you can choose to generate visualizations from 11 different trends charts. The Founded Companies chart represents the evolution of the number of companies founded over time. The Closed Companies chart does the same but for closed companies. The IPO and Acquired Companies charts depict the number of companies with successful exits over time.

You can also generate charts for relative values such as Time to IPO, Time to be AcquiredTime to Close and Time to be Funded. These charts are good indicators on how quickly companies reach any of these states. The sample chart above answers the question “How much time usually elapses between the founding of the companies and the IPO of the companies?”. Last but not least, for any given graph, you can download the visualization as a PNG file and the results in CSV format.

That’s it for Company Trends. Make sure to check our related post on the Spotlight Feature!

Spotlight Feature: Company Search and Rankings

Whether you are an investor on the lookout for the next promising startup, an incubator program searching for the best way to filter your never-ending stream of applications, or simply an entrepreneur gathering intel on your competitors, you need lots of data, a way to filter the noise, and uncover hidden signals. Today, most of the decision-making traditionally resulting from gut-feel and simple business rules are being slowly replaced by data-driven approaches that go beyond our limited analytical skills as humans. We are in the middle of such a revolution and today’s large trove of data coupled with cutting-edge machine learning techniques makes this possible.

But with large amounts of data, comes great anxiety. It’s one thing to have a large dataset, it’s even better when you can make sense of it and quickly derive meaningful insights. If that is what you are looking for, then PreSeries is the right fit for you. We use machine learning algorithms to analyze over 300k+ companies and generate predictive scores that represent their chances of success. The best way to search and filter these companies is through the Company Search & Rankings feature accessible from the Dashboard.

Above, is an example of the combination of filters you can apply to search for specific companies. You can specify company status, location (country and city), development stage (concept, seed, product development, market development or steady), and industry areas (e.g. “Mobile” and “Personal Health”).

Once the filters are applied, the result page ranks the companies matching the chosen criteria. By default, all companies are ranked by their overall score in the Top Companies tab (as seen above). The result page includes the following information: company name, current status, location (country and city), current stage, industry areas, overall score and recent changes in overall score. Clicking on the company name will automatically redirect you to the corresponding Company Profile page. You can find more about company profiles here. Clicking on a Country, a City or a specific Area will display all companies matching the selected criteria. The “star” and “pin” icons under the company names are quick and easy ways to add companies to your Starred Companies and Bookmarks respectively.


The Mover and Shakers tab is similar to the Top Companies tab, but instead of ranking the companies using their overall scores (i.e., absolute values), it ranks them by the recent increase in their overall scores (i.e, relative values). Companies listed in this tab are worth paying attention to, a sharp increase in score is often the reflection of improved performances and maybe even a hidden unicorn?

Go to PreSeries now and request your free trial!

That’s it for the Company Search and Rankings! As always, we’d love to hear about your thoughts and feedback.

PreSeries opens its doors!

We are thrilled to report that PreSeries is opening its doors! As we celebrate the official launch, we’d like to invite all of you to try it out.

Enter PreSeries

If you work in venture capital, corporate strategy, innovation, M&A or investment banking, chances are you are spending too much of your time scouting for the most reliable and up-to-date data sources only to spend even more time to clean, prepare the data, and perform analyses to derive meaningful insights. Given this complex data landscape, PreSeries is positioned to be the Swiss Army knife that gives you an unfair advantage over other investors. With our unique approach taking advantage of Machine Learning to assess a startups’ likelihood of success, we allow you to cut through the noise and focus on what matters. After all, data-driven approach to early-stage investment is the only way to remove our human biases once and for all.

PreSeries is also the perfect solution for cash-hungry entrepreneurs. Fundraising activities often feel like hunting for whales on makeshift raft for many startup founder’s in an ocean of investors with fickle interest. Using PreSeries to target the right VCs is the equivalent of upgrading to a naval grade vessel. Now, you’re finally able to gain first-hand knowledge of VCs most likely to invest in your company and discard the ones that will likely take your precious time by making you run around the block twice.

If you are an analyst or a data-scientist, there is a high probability you’re not a fan of data fairytales. You have to see it to believe it. Well, you’re in luck! With the PreSeries Analyst Platform (powered by BigML), we give you access to PreSeries’ Machine Learning engine room. You’ll be able to look under the hood to not only access but also customize our consolidated datasets, Machine Learning models, predictions and much more.

More blog posts detailing specific PreSeries’ features will be published on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

P.S.: If you’re interested in a demo, simply get in touch with us at and we’ll schedule one in no time.