Meet the Contenders of the 7th A.I. Startup Battle in Boston!

PAPIs ’17, the 4th International Conference on Predictive Applications and APIs, is a series of annual events where experts come discuss new developments, opportunities and challenges in real-world Machine Learning. This year, PAPIs ’17 returns to Boston, on October 24-25, 2017, and will host the 7th Edition of our AI Startup Battles (Oct. 24).

The audience, mainly decision makers and developers interested in the latest technology to build real-world intelligent applications, will witness the power of PreSeries, a predictive application that provides fact-based insights as well as many other investments and traction related metrics to help investors foresee which companies warrant a potential investment. PreSeries predictive models are trained with a diverse set of public and private data on more than 370,000 companies worldwide. On the 24th, after the startup pitches in the morning (schedule), our PreSeries A.I. will engage in a Q&A session with the 4 contenders through a voice-enabled device present on stage. It will then score and rank the startups. No human interference will occur during the scoring process, only PreSeries’ algorithms will be in charge of selecting the winner.

Meet the contenders!

At this point, you may be wondering who will be competing in the battle, so let’s get to know the contenders.


Klarity builds software that automatically reviews sales contracts (NDAs, Beta, MSA/SLA agmts), so lawyers don’t need to be involved. We have completed the first module that uses Natural Language Processing to analyze NDAs and provides the user with (1) an overall risk profile, (2) a list of clauses present and non-present with individual risk profile attached to each clause (green, yellow, red), and (3) detailed analysis of the implications of a clause to the business + actionable insights that help renegotiate the agreement. Our goal is to expand to other contract types and industry verticals, and eventually automate all contractual work.

GreenSight Agronomics

GreenSight provides an automated, agronomic intelligence platform for superintendents, land managers, and farmers. They combine automated drones, patented sensors, and proprietary analytics to deliver customers maps and alerts enabling them to better manage water, pesticide, and fertilizer usage. They are already the leader in turfgrass remote sensing and analysis. They are helping Top-100 golf courses across the U.S. and Canada reduce water consumption, better task labor associated with irrigation and moisture measurement, and achieve better outcomes with fewer fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizer.


NewPearl, Inc. is the creator of Pearlo. Pearlo is a cloud-based application that helps busy professionals to quickly and inexpensively improve their processes. It is powered by artificial intelligence and, once the user enters the narrative describing how the current process works, the tool delivers a graphical representation of the process, an efficiency score and a set of recommendations for improvement. empowers the many media artists around the world to collaborate remotely in a virtual studio, with other human and AI artists, to develop and commercialize original media content (music, film & VR). Our platform provides advanced editors, rights management, and global content distribution. They are a team from MIT and Berklee College of Music, with advisors including Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter).

Stay tuned!

Be sure to stay tuned as the winner will be announced right after the event on social media (on Twitter with #AIStartupBattle) as well as on our blog. For more details, please follow us on: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. The countdown starts now!

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