AI Startup Battle in Palma de Mallorca

PreSeries, the joint venture between Telefónica Open Future_ and BigML, has been invited to join the exclusive Global Tourism Innovation Summit taking place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on June 9. The event serves as the meeting point of top international professionals discussing topics such as Tourism Innovation / AI / IoT / VR / Smart Destinations / Hotels / OTA / Tour Operator / Airlines / Connectivity / Big Data / New Technologies / Machine Learning / Airports / Ports / Infrastructure / Smart Mobility / Smart Management & Solutions / Dynamic And Immersive / Video Wall Experiences / Digital Signage / Mobile / Apps. The summit is organized by Agora Next Telefónica Open Future_, the first global tourism innovation program from Telefónica, a strategic partner oriented towards companies and Entrepreneurs who aspire to become a global reference of Tourism 4.0. A large crowd of tourism experts and decision makers will witness the power of the PreSeries Machine Learning algorithms.

In our AI Startup Battles, our Artificial Intelligence is made available through a little device on stage. Our little VC-in-a-box, as we like to call it, will ask the contenders various questions and choose follow-up questions based on answers to previous ones. It will focus on questions that have the most predictive power in its own bias-free opinion. In the end, the winner will be the startup with the highest score.

Meet the contenders!

At this point, you may be wondering who will be competing in the battle, so let’s get to know the contenders!


Apartool is the bridge between apartment blocks and aparthotels, and tour operators. This intermediation project aims to give travel agencies the smartest way to offer a global service to all their clients. Apartools offers, through a platform, the first booking solution specialized in the booking of entire buildings for touristic purposes.


MallorcaWifi has been working for more than a decade in the implementation of a Wi-Fi network in Palma that allows citizens to connect at any time and at no cost. The project, which has been carried out jointly with the City of Palma, has allowed the simultaneous connection of up to ten million mobile devices in the last year.


Smartvel is a SaaS Supplier of Digital Destination Content. They have built a unique tool combining three types of content: Firstly, dynamic content like up-to-date travel agenda. Secondly, they bring together traditional destination content through geolocalization, including restaurants, points of interest, sights and attractions, etc. Thirdly, they allow clients to tailor and recommend their own geocoded layers of content to promote and cross-sell passes, places or events.

Travel Compositor

Travel Compositor‘s B2B platform enables the planning and booking of multi-product and multi-destination trips in one session and one single payment. They customized solutions for all travel industry players: hotels, OTAs, travel agencies, destination management companies, tour operators, and many more.

About PreSeries events and battles

PreSeries was born in March 2016 and officially started its journey of re-imagining early stage technology venture investing by taking an unorthodox, AI-driven approach showcased via the world premiere of Artificial Intelligence Startup Battle at the PAPIs Connect Conference in Valencia. Thanks to the continuation of AI Startup Battles in Barcelona, Boston, and Brazil, as well as our collaboration at WIRED London 2016, the startup community has a new-found appreciation of how Machine Learning can be utilized to better allocate venture capital.

Be sure to follow the upcoming PreSeries’ battles in 2017 as they will be announced on the BigML event’s page as well as on Among other venues, these will include the battles that we will present at PAPIs ‘17 and PAPIs Connect. For more details, please stay tuned by following us on: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. The countdown starts now!

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