Spotlight Feature: Investor Rankings

Whether it’s keeping tabs on peer’s syndicates, strategies, portfolios, or raising fresh funds from investors; both investors and entrepreneurs need a simple yet powerful way to filter data about investing entities. If you’re an investor think of our Top Investors section as your go-to-feature to quantitatively compare yourself to the competition and quickly establish meaningful benchmarks.

If you’re an entrepreneur lucky enough to see some traction, you might be considering raising funds to support your growth. From seed to late stage, the time you need to allocate to look for funds will never stop to increase. The life of a startup is very demanding and time spent researching investors means less time spent on your product. We believe you should spend time talking to investors instead of searching for them in an ad-hoc manner, so we built the PreSeries Top Investor section with that in mind. It basically allows you to filter investors using your own criteria to help you focus on the ones most likely to invest in your startup.

PreSeries currently lists over 40k+ investors ranging from seed-focused VCs to corporate investors leaning towards late stage deals. In order to easily search among all the profiles in our database, we invite you to use the filter options available at the top. You can filter investors by name, by location (country and city), by development stage (concept, seed, product development, market development, and steady), by industry area (700+ to choose from), and investment period.

The default view of the Top Investors section offers quick insights on the investing entities ranked by total amount invested (just click on a column to change the ranking criteria). For every investor, you are able to see what some of the drivers behind their investment decisions are. We show the preferred country and city of investment along with the number of deals for each. You also have access to information about the preferred investment stage (i.e, concept, seed, product development, market development, or steady), and the main investment area including the corresponding number of deals. On the right hand side are the total number of companies, deals and amount invested by each entity. The last column shows the overall PreSeries score of each investor (from 0 to 100). This score represents the general performance of the investor, meaning if the Return On Investment over their entire portfolio was significant enough.

By choosing the histogram view, you can easily see the distribution of investments with the green bar representing the preferred country, city, stage, and area. Hovering your cursor over bars on the bar charts will give you additional information, as seen on the image above. To facilitate comparison among the investors listed on the page you can switch between relative or absolute values, and use the same or a different scale.

That’s it for Investor Search & Rankings. Make sure to check our other Spotlight Feature blogposts for a complete lowdown!

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