Spotlight Feature: Company Search and Rankings

Whether you are an investor on the lookout for the next promising startup, an incubator program searching for the best way to filter your never-ending stream of applications, or simply an entrepreneur gathering intel on your competitors, you need lots of data, a way to filter the noise, and uncover hidden signals. Today, most of the decision-making traditionally resulting from gut-feel and simple business rules are being slowly replaced by data-driven approaches that go beyond our limited analytical skills as humans. We are in the middle of such a revolution and today’s large trove of data coupled with cutting-edge machine learning techniques makes this possible.

But with large amounts of data, comes great anxiety. It’s one thing to have a large dataset, it’s even better when you can make sense of it and quickly derive meaningful insights. If that is what you are looking for, then PreSeries is the right fit for you. We use machine learning algorithms to analyze over 300k+ companies and generate predictive scores that represent their chances of success. The best way to search and filter these companies is through the Company Search & Rankings feature accessible from the Dashboard.

Above, is an example of the combination of filters you can apply to search for specific companies. You can specify company status, location (country and city), development stage (concept, seed, product development, market development or steady), and industry areas (e.g. “Mobile” and “Personal Health”).

Once the filters are applied, the result page ranks the companies matching the chosen criteria. By default, all companies are ranked by their overall score in the Top Companies tab (as seen above). The result page includes the following information: company name, current status, location (country and city), current stage, industry areas, overall score and recent changes in overall score. Clicking on the company name will automatically redirect you to the corresponding Company Profile page. You can find more about company profiles here. Clicking on a Country, a City or a specific Area will display all companies matching the selected criteria. The “star” and “pin” icons under the company names are quick and easy ways to add companies to your Starred Companies and Bookmarks respectively.


The Mover and Shakers tab is similar to the Top Companies tab, but instead of ranking the companies using their overall scores (i.e., absolute values), it ranks them by the recent increase in their overall scores (i.e, relative values). Companies listed in this tab are worth paying attention to, a sharp increase in score is often the reflection of improved performances and maybe even a hidden unicorn?

Go to PreSeries now and request your free trial!

That’s it for the Company Search and Rankings! As always, we’d love to hear about your thoughts and feedback.

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